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Recent work: The House of Representatives: Monument Fallen Soldiers


LIRA, Rabobank, Wageningen University, University of Groningen, Radboud University, Erasmus MC, Museum Naturalis, Royal Army Museum Brussels, War Resistance Museum Rotterdam, Antenna International, Amsterdam Forest, GGD, il Luster, PVPictures, Moondocs, Lemming film, Memphis Films, AVRO, TROS, NCRV, BBC, VPRO, EO, TELEAC, Sesamstraat, Live Earth, City of Teylingen, City of Utrecht, CRV, Ministery of Economic Affairs, Innovation network, Podium educative projects, Publisher Ambo Anthos, Publisher Dwarsligger, Publisher Artemis, UBF Broadcast Facilities, Identity Games, DST, Auping, Muntz, CRV, DiVV Amsterdam, Foundation Monuments Day. Foundation Human Rights In The Picture.

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